Single-groove Guard (GR-903-C)

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Product Features:

New governors are easy to use for easy test performance without a test groove.
The operating system of this governor is such that there is no need to replace the towing wire from the main groove to the test groove.
To perform a parachute test during standard tests on the elevator, an Anchor Balancer embedded on this governor should be used, then after
Perform a successful balance test from an anchor and return it to the original place.
Can be installed in elevators without engine room
Diameter of flange Ø 30 cm
Warranty replacement
Later life after sales service
Distributed distribution network throughout Iran
The usability of wire tower 8 according to customer's request
Easy to install
Easy maintenance
V-undercut groove
2-way functionality
suitable packaging
Adjustable at various speeds
Certified = Europe
Installable for any lift